Diving Tips for Summer

Summer is almost here

Summer is almost upon us, meaning more time in the water for divers, surfers and spearo's. Here are some simple tips to help you in the water.

  • Otitis external (infection of the ear canal) is a common problem during the summer months. Consider using an alcohol-based ear drop/ear spray (audisol dry ears) after each dive/surf to help dehydrate the ear canal and prevent infections.

  • Freedivers should work on their equalisation techniques. Each year we see divers who have injured their eardrums/hearing from over or under equalising. It is a good idea to look at different equalisation techniques- I would recommend the frenzle technique- this can work very well and uses less energy which also helps prolong your breath-hold.

  • Stay safe and dive within your limits. Shallow water blackout, decompression illness and barotrauma are life-threatening conditions we see each summer. For those starting out in Freediving/spearfishing, I would recommend a freediving course, diving with a buddy and investing in a good dive watch ( to calculate your surface times).

  • It is always an exciting time for Spearo's as Kingfish become more abundant with the warmer water. The warmer water also makes Bronzie (bronze whaler sharks) encounters a common occurrence- consider investing in a float boat to keep fish out of the water and reduce unwanted visits from the 'taxman'.

Enjoy your time in the water.  Don't hesitate to contact our clinic if you have any ENT diving-related issues.


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