New Pricing and Services

All Prices on our website are subject to change, inquire if the estimate pricelist remains valid for each new appointment ⓒTuhauoraltd 2022 Effective 18 January 2024

Consultations and Investigations

The following pricelists are relevant for patients  who are self funding or have medical insurance other than Southern Cross.


Please let our team know if you are insured with Southern Cross, Another Insurer, or Self Funding.

We require your medical insurance policy number and that you understand your policy conditions before we confirm appointments. You may wish to acquire pre-approval for this clinical consultation; alternatively, you can pay on the day of your appointment and we will send through an invoice receipt for you to request reimbursement.


All initial consultations or follow-up appointments will be at regular cost unless your appointment exceeds 45 minutes.

The clinical assessment involves a consultation regarding your symptoms, a detailed clinical examination, a discussion of the findings and treatment/management options. 

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Most examinations require flexible or rigid endoscopy to assess the nasal cavity, throat or ear. This is a camera-based procedure. David will numb your throat or nose with Local Anaesthetic Spray. The procedure may feel uncomfortable but is not harmful, shouldn't hurt, and no needles are involved. 

David may perform additional procedures in your consultation to support your examination and assessment. 


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